Scott Lee Bio

Scott LeeOn the Internet, I have been known as a student of self improvement, an amateur YouTuber, political activist, and even a writer. During my teen years, I spent a lot of time playing videogames and learning about computers. Contrary to that original interest, I decided to pursue a Psychology and Sociology degree following high school and graduated from the University of Houston in 2012.

After launching a website ( in 2006 and then launching an Internet radio show in 2012, I attracted over 100,000 unique visitors to self improvement articles, and over 50,000 unique listeners to Scott Free Thinking LIVE. During its run, I tackled topics such as psychology, politics, science and society, and the future of technology.

Today, I find myself having returned to my interest in computers and technology – throughout 2014 and 2015 I received certifications for Developer and Administrator, have worked in software development across industries, and have constructed automation tools to save businesses significant costs. My heart really lies in enthusiasm for human potential and the joy of the interactive medium that is videogames. You can also catch me on my new YouTube series, gameFINITY, on the Digicades YouTube Channel.

I live in Houston, Texas with my girlfriend April and her son. I spend much of my free time learning and exploring. Scott Free Capital is a project close to my heart, as I hope to explore software solutions using this brand name from a scientific and optimistic perspective. Certified DeveloperCertified Salesforce Administrator