Update: Revelation RTS and the Game Behind It…

The early days, my goodness… just wait…

It’s been a long time since Revelation RTS was talked about, so I figure I’d post an update to let you know what’s happening with it. For those who are new to the site or my projects: Revelation RTS is a real time strategy package under development for the Unity game engine. The goal of the project is to construct a framework that allows a real time strategy game to be built without writing all code from scratch and to create a system that allows procedural generation of game worlds, ecosystems, landscapes, and so on. In addition, a first game is being constructed to show off the RTS platform and be a great experience in its own right. If you’re curious to know where I left off back in August, take a look at this video which has some extra info for you.

The project is set to pick back up in March 2017.

I am likely going to be hiring another developer part time to assist with the project and accelerate its progress on my internal timeline. There is still no release date that I can shout out with confidence but the game is on the verge of starting to be, well, a real game. It was troubling to leave off with that kind of progress. In other words, the development is at a stage that is very exciting and I just cannot wait to start dev back up! TheĀ name of the game has still not yet been announced but that will be soon after development starts back up.

Possible Nintendo Switch release in the future…

Recently, I agreed to the Nintendo Developer NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which permits me some level of resources in developing games for Nintendo platforms. So, in addition to PC & Mac, along with a Linux release – I’m investigating how to bring the game to Nintendo platforms as well. At this time, there is the possibility of a Nintendo Switch release but do NOT consider this an official announcement or anything like that. I am still investigating what it will take to realistically bring the game to Nintendo consoles.


Where I really left off…

The project really left off with working on the procedural terrain system, which will be responsible for producing all the landscapes, forests, animal ecosystems, and resources that you find throughout any game session. It was a lot of work: I wrote a lot of code to create a grid of tiles that were meant to fit together so that units could run across them and eventually: trees, rocks, and other stuff could get spawned on them. I ran into a lot of trouble with that work, and ended up starting over completely. It is a good thing I did a while back too because I found a much more efficient way of generating those assets at runtime.

Now, the entire grid gets created much, much faster. Once I end up fitting other tiles together to create hills, cliffs, and other landscape elements all the work I put into the running speed of that algorithm will be quite worthwhile.

Aside from that, I was about to start work on an input management system to allow the player (or myself) to customize the controls in-game (as well as write code to better reference controls dynamically), and a game configuration screen that would allow you to specify different parameters about the game. Hopefully, that includes stuff like map types, difficulty, and some other things.


Consider this not an announcement that development has started back up but that it WILL continue and I have a plan in place to get the project moving again. It was important to get some other things done on the side in the meantime (and probably still until March 2017). Remember to catch me every week on the Digicast podcast, which will soon be available on both the Digicades YouTube channel and Soundcloud.

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